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With the desire to introduce the new perspectives on fashion, the talk show with the theme “Fashion Revolution” taking place at Nguyen Van Trang Campus of Hoa Sen University – attracted a huge attendance of young audience and international ones. The Fashion Design Department of the Faculty of Professional Education – Hoa Sen University, was the organizer of the talk show.

Tin gần đây

They're too confining, he says. They trap kids in chairs, in classrooms, in the narrow bounds of an established curriculum. So White and a handful of fellow revolutionaries have begun pushing a new vision for American public education.


More than 200 Hoa Sen University staff, lecturers and students participated in the annual Terry Fox Run charitable fundraising program on November 25, 2012 at the Crescent Mall, Ban Nguyet Pool, Phu My Hung, District 7. The event is organized yearly by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Consulate General of Canada in HCM City.


While Vietnamese teachers are complaining about their low pay, an old woman continues teaching for free in the Mekong Delta.


Ohlone is a partner of Hoa Sen University in international student exchange program


Scarborough is the largest atoll in the South China Sea, located some 220 kilometers from the Philippines. The shoal is located inside the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines but is claimed by China as its ancestral territory since the 13th century.


The following is the full transcript text from President Obama's acceptance victory speech following his re-election for a second term as president on Wednesday morning, Nov. 7, 2012. Below the text is also a video of Obama's acceptance speech.


Scientific American partnered with grassroots organization earlier this summer to encourage the two main presidential candidates — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney — to answer 14 questions on some of the biggest scientific and technological challenges facing the nation. President Obama and Governor Romney have now answered these Top American Science Questions, which you can read below.


In the United States, college degrees come from many sources with many different perspectives on the nature and function of the degree.


China plans to build its first vessel capable of retrieving archaeological findings from the sea by the end of 2013, a major step to strengthening the underwater search abilities of Chinese archaeologists who currently rely on rented shipping boats.


We know that students plagiarize. We suppose that plagiarism, as well as academic dishonesty in general, has increased over the past few years, decades, or century—depending on which academic ax we choose to grind.