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With the desire to introduce the new perspectives on fashion, the talk show with the theme “Fashion Revolution” taking place at Nguyen Van Trang Campus of Hoa Sen University – attracted a huge attendance of young audience and international ones. The Fashion Design Department of the Faculty of Professional Education – Hoa Sen University, was the organizer of the talk show.

Tin gần đây

The General Education Program of Hoa Sen University is pleased to announce that it will offer a class on cross-cultural communication, taught entirely in English with two emphases: Vietnamese and American cultures and English writing skills.


President Obama’s first term was absorbed by dealing with the Great Recession. I hope that in his second term he’ll be able to devote more attention to the Great Inflection.


With the easing of international sanctions, UK universities are re-engaging with Burma at a time when the country's higher education sector finds itself caught between two reviews


Speaking to diplomats, businessmen and journalists at the British Foreign Office in November, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono of Indonesia emphasized the need for “norms and principles” in resolving disputes in the South China Sea.


The Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) and host campus Can Tho University invites participation in the first annual: Vietnam Engineering Education Conference "Transforming Boundaries through Innovation and Partnerships", March 19-20th at Can Tho University. 



Hoa Sen University has begun its Vocational Advice 2013 program at several high schools in HCM City. The purpose of the program is to help high school students receive the necessary information on several occupations in society, and to orient them toward choosing jobs being suitably matched with their ability and interest.


At the Grand Plaza Hotel in Hanoi in a contest finale named “Students and Information Security” held on November 23, 2012, the HSEC Team of Hoa Sen University won the National 4th prize.


"One material civilization, multiple spiritual cultures" (I prefer the German distinction of civilization and culture) is a favorite topic of mine. The first part of the topic means that modernization is irresistible in the world.


Ladies and gentlemen, men and women of Hoa Sen University,

First of all, Congratulations to you, who this event is dedicated to!


Through the mediums of television and the Internet, I imagine that everyone here has at least a nodding acquaintance with far-off Northeast Gaomi Township. You may have seen my ninety-year-old father, as well as my brothers, my sister, my wife and my daughter, even my granddaughter, now a year and four months old.