Talkshow: Fashion resolution - the solution for sustainable development

With the desire to introduce the new perspectives on fashion, the talk show with the theme “Fashion Revolution” taking place at Nguyen Van Trang Campus of Hoa Sen University – attracted a huge attendance of young audience and international ones.

The Fashion Design Department of the Faculty of Professional Education – Hoa Sen University, was the organizer of the talk show.

Fashion design students, lecturers and international audiences at the talk show.

For the traditional fashion industry, new collection was introduced to the public only once or twice within a year. With the purpose of gaining the market share, adapting to the changes in  consumers’ behaviors, many fashion brands have introduced fashion products at low costs and updated new fashion trends more frequently. Therefore, there is a new trend of fashion in the retail fashion industry called “Fast fashion”. However, this new trend of fashion has created many negative impacts on society and environment. It is also associated with images of factories with deprived working condition and low-wage labors in developing countries.

To provide audience with a clearer observation about the negative side of fashion, the first part of the talk show was the screening of a documentary titled “The true cost”. The film gave audience perspectives in contrast to the flashy and splendid beauty of fashion. The decrease in fashion production cost has led to the increase in severe problems relating to human and environment. Fashion industry ranks second after the oil and gas industry in contaminating the environment and negatively affecting the global water resource.

Under the viewpoints of  fashion designers and producers as well as fashion consumers, two speakers Ms. Florence BACIN and Ms. Alice LEHOUX provided the audience with solutions, such as eco-friendly fashion brands, “Fashion Revolution” campaign, etc.

Florence BACIN – coordinator for “Fashion Revolution” campaign presented the solutions for the problems caused by "Fast Fashion". 

The two speakers also shared information about the “Slow Fashion” trend. Instead of fast production and fast consumption, this trend of fashion has raised the message of slowing down: extending the producing time and consuming time to minimize the negative effects on environment and human life, especially the working conditions for labor. This “Slow Fashion” trend started to emerge after the horrific disaster of Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh causing tragic deaths of more than 1,137 tailors, mainly women, who were working for Fast Fashion brands in deteriorating working conditions. 

Alice LEHOUX -  Fashion design lecturer shared the information about the “Slow Fashion” trend.

When mentioning about the current state of Viet Nam fashion, Ms. Alice LEHOUX emphasized, “You , Vietnamese, please do not repeat mistakes that we, people living in developed countries  made. Please learn from our mistakes”.

The talk show has introduced the different perspectives on the glamourous fashion industry in the current context. At the end of the talk show, the story of the hummingbird (Hummingbird - Wangari Maathai) was shared with the message: “If an individual is aware of the problem and takes action for it, and many individuals do like that, the problem will be solved”.

If you are interested in the campaign “Fashion revolution”, please find out more information at: www.fashionrevolution.org. 

Bảo Trân - Thiên Thanh

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