The 1st round of Marketers 3.0 has ended with dramatic competing moments

The 1st round of Marketers 3.0 - 2016 has ended after drastic and thrilling competitions of teams from universities around Ho Chi Minh City taking place from May 14 to May 15, 2016, at Nguyen Van Trang Campus of Hoa Sen University.

During the contest, each team had to answer 25 questions in Marketing field with 2 levels of difficulty: medium and hard. With staked questions, each team would have the chance to double its score. After 2 days of intensely competing, the Organizer of Marketers 3.0 Contest has chosen 12 best teams to enter the second round called “Embarking on” with the task of solving situations in Marketing.

Team “Bộ ba phép thuật”(or The Three Magicians) is choosing the question.

The solidarity among team members is highly promoted in the discussions to find the answer.

The comfortable atmosphere from alternate performances helps the teams accomplish their competing parts.

The Advisory Council of Marketers 3.0 Contest are discussing and grading competing parts of the teams.

Members of team “United 3” (Hoa Sen University) excellently got the highest result in the 1st round.

The list and results of 12 teams passing the 1st round and entering the 2nd round:

  • United 3 (Hoa Sen University) - 29 points
  • Marshmallow (Hoa Sen University and University of Finance - Marketing) - 28 points
  • PHƯƠNGS (Hoa Sen University) - 28 points
  • Winner Cook (Foreign Trade University) - 27 points
  • The Zoo (Hoa Sen University) - 27 points
  • Team con gái (HCMC International University)- 26 points
  • T.E.A.M  (University of Economic HCMC) - 26 points
  • Xiti Tim (Can Tho University and HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities) - 25 points
  • DayDreamers (Foreign Trade University and HCMC University of Foreign Languages – Information Technology) - 24 points
  • GM (ONL8) (Hoa Sen University and University of Finance - Marketing) - 24 points
  • Short But Hot (Hoa Sen University) - 24 points 
  • TRÔI (F.L.O.W)  (Hoa Sen University) - 23 points

The second round is expected to take place from 21st – 22nd May.

Wish all the bests to the competing teams!

Nhật Huy - Bảo Trân
Translated by Thien Thanh