Student of HSU won the first prize at the contest of eloquence “The Society and Me”

On April 24, the final round of the eloquent contest “The society and me” was held at Hoa Sen University. The contest was co-organized by the Service Learning Center, GAP Institution (Global Acknowledged Professionals) and SaveSonDoong Organization. 

Three excellent teams took turn to present their perspectives on the topic “The problem between economic development and heritage conservation”. Particularly, the three parts of the eloquent contest consisted of 3 issues: The exploitation of tourism at Son Doong Cave – the biggest natural cave in the world, Does this exploitation affect the development of local creatures?, Is there any solution to harmoniously combine the economic exploitation and natural conservation? The debate was exciting and fascinating, which attracted not only the contestants but also the judges and audiences to involve in finding suitable solutions for the problem.

Eventually, Dương Trọng Tín – student of Hoa Sen University won the first prize, Huỳnh Ngọc Thái Anh – student of Cần Thơ University won the second prize and the UCT Number 1 Team of Banking University won the third prize.

Dương Trọng Tín giải nhất cuộc thi hùng biên Xã hội và tôi

Dương Trọng Tín – student of Hoa Sen University won the first prize.

 Especially, the seminar “The society and me – When young people speak out” was also organized within the final round. The seminar happened with the participation of Dr. Bùi Trân Phương – President of Hoa Sen University and three young people who have worked in various fields and had outstanding achievements.  The seminar was about the topic of roles and attitudes of young people in solving social problems. It also encouraged more positive attentions and participations toward social problems. 

The contest of eloquence “The society and me” opened an exciting forum for young people to confidently express their perspectives about every aspect of life. Simultaneously, this was the opportunity for contestants to receive a professional training about collecting information skill, reasoning analyzing skill, and eloquent skill in both Vietnamese and English. 

                        Pha Lê
Translated by Thiên Thanh