Hoa Sen University offers master’s degree in business administration

Hoa Sen University on March 18 held a launch ceremony to announce its new programme for a master of business administration (Major Code 60340102) under Decision No.358/BGDĐT issued on February 2, which allowed the university to offer master’s level training in the field.

Although this is a new training programme, the university has many outstanding strengths, especially lecturers. Most of them are doctors and experts who graduated from renowned universities. They have taught at international doctoral and master programmes, and had experience in researching and training at large corporations.

Students will be able to access most English training materials in order to be more competitive after graduation and approach to the latest information.

Co Tran Thi Ut gioi thieu ve chương trinh Thac sy Quan tri kinh doanh

Dr Tran Thi Ut, Head of the training programme for the master of business administration programme.

The university has consulted many MBA programmes of renowned universities around the world and demands of enterprises.This programme focus on the creative capacity of students in a global integrated and open business environment by using methodology combining theory and practice.

Students will have chances to learn from leading experts via research conferences and talk shows. They will be guided in choosing professional majors and their graduation thesis in the first semester.


Former students of Hoa Sen University raise questions at the launch ceremony for the training programme.

Dr Do Ba Khang, Head of the university’s Faculty of Economics & Commerce, said: “During learning, the university will invite representatives of enterprises to be guest speakers to share their real experiences with students.”

The programme will enroll the first course this year with a 40-student quota. The university will organise an entrance exam in September. 

Nguyên Minh