With the desire to introduce the new perspectives on fashion, the talk show with the theme “Fashion Revolution” taking place at Nguyen Van Trang Campus of Hoa Sen University – attracted a huge attendance of young audience and international ones. The Fashion Design Department of the Faculty of Professional Education – Hoa Sen University, was the organizer of the talk show.

Tin gần đây

On April 24, the final round of the eloquent contest “The society and me” was held at Hoa Sen University. The contest was co-organized by the Service Learning Center, GAP Institution (Global Acknowledged Professionals) and SaveSonDoong Organization.


The new and interesting Inside-Me Project, which encourages students to be kind and take an active role in learning, was launched at Hoa Sen University on November 21. 


The anniversary celebration of the 100th week of the Hoa Sen Research Seminar, which reviews 99 training and colloquium sessions on scientific research, was held on November 5 at Hoa Sen University’s branch at Nguyen Van Trang St in District 1 in HCM City. 


The Sfilm Contest 2015 ended with a Gala Night for Awards on October 31 at Hoa Sen University. The awards ceremony brought joy and surprise as well as regret. It also had an interesting atmosphere because of Halloween night.


A workshop held on October 31 with the theme “Opening the Curtain on Making Creative Briefs for TV Commercials” was held at Hoa Sen University in Nguyen Van Trang Street in District 1. The workshop was the beginning of an activity chain that will be carried out during a TVCreate 2015 contest.