Welcome to Innovative Sweden: Tomorrow starts today

Innovative Sweden in Ho Chi Minh City is a threeweek event with the goal to showcase Swedish innovations and creativity and facilitate an exchange of ideas between Sweden and Vietnam. We hope that through Innovative Sweden, the Vietnamese public will get to know a little bit more about Sweden; its companies, its universities and its culture.

Tailored exhibition

The exhibition itself, initiated by the Swedish Institute, consists of twenty young innovationdriven companies. The exhibition shows present and future Swedish innovations within ICT, Life Science, Clean Technology and Gaming. The international tour of Innovative Sweden started at Stanford University, Silicon Valley, in 2011 and went on in the US, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, Japan and South Korea. In 2014 the tour continued in Asia, starting in Jakarta in May and is now showcased in Ho Chi Minh City during the period 10-30 November

Skype: an Internet-telephony service that allows low-cost phone calls over the Internet

(The company was founded in 2003 by the Swedish entrepreneur Niklas Zennström (b. 1966) and his Danish colleague Janus Friis. In 2005 Skype was sold to Ebay and in 2011, it was bought by Microsoft.

The exhibition is complemented by an extensive programme of business related activities, exciting presentations from Swedish and Vietnamese experts and cultural events.

Opening Hours

  • The exhibition will be open for the general public daily from 10 to 30 November 2014 at Hoa Sen University on 8 Nguyen Van Trang Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Daily: 8:00-17:00

Guided Tours
If you want to book a guided tour of the exhibition, please send an email to: innovativesweden@si.se

In addition, the presence of Ms. Camilla Mellander, Ambassador of Sweden, as well as Swedish universites and firms in the event promises to bring great learning and employment opportunities for students and staffs.

Inventions are critical in economic development of each nation. “Innovative Sweden” exhibition at Hoa Sen University is expected to help the youth have the opportunity to explore Swedish activities related to innovation and creation, as well as more knowledgeable about Swedish country, people, firms, schools and culture.

Previously, on September 10th at Hoa Sen University, Ms. Camilla Mellander – Ambassador of Sweden, had launched a photo contest on the theme: “Swedish Innovations through Vietnamese lenses”. This is an event held to vividly introduce inventions, innovations of Sweden widely used and applied in daily life in Vietnam. Those might be plastic-coated paper carton boxes invented by TetraPak in 1944, safety belts for cars invented in 1958, Skype software to communicate over the internet in 2003, zipper in 1923, and a lot more inventions, innovations that will surprise you when you know they came from Sweden. 

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