Celebration Program for the 100th anniversary of the birth of the movie character Charlot (1914 – 2014)

On the occasion of Charlie Chaplin’s birthday (April 16, 2014), Hoa Sen University and Art House Cine are going to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the most popular movie character of all time: Charlot.

The celebration program will be organised att three successive nights: April 16, 17, and 18 with many meaningful activities.

You are welcome to register for all 3 nights HERE.

Charlot is the classic character played by Charlie Chaplin, the greatest comic actor

At 19:30 on April 16 (Film No. 11)

  • The twinning celebration of Art House Cine and Vietnam Harmonic Orchestra (VNHO).
  • The opening concert performed by VNHO with the focal piece of music LIMELIGHT, an immortal musical work by Charlie Chaplin. The concert conductor is Nguyen Bach (M.A), principal of B.A.C.H Musical School.
  • Presentation of the newArt House Cine Co-Host.
  • The film show: KID AUTO RACES AT VENICE. This film was first shown February 7, 1914, introducing the birth of character Charlot.
  • Screening: THE KID (1921), the first long film with character Charlot.

Specially, the screening of the documentary  “How Charlie Chaplin made The Kid” is exclusive to Art House Cine only.

Note: On the opening night (April 16), Art House Cine only accepts 100 bookings.

At 19:30 on April 17, 2014 (Film No. 12)

  •   CITY LIGHTS (1931)

During a journey of 22 years in cinema, the character Charlot appeared in 70 short films and 5 long ones. Among these, City Lights was considered a masterpiece and the most admirable one in the career of the greatest comic actor Charlie Chaplin.

  • Documentary: How Charlie Chaplin made City Lights.

At 19:30 on April 18, 2014 (Film No. 13)

  • MODERN TIMES (1931)

This  film marked the last appearance of character Charlot and the first time the world audience heard Charlot speak. Although it did not have the romanticand bitter-sweet features like City Lights, Modern Times was highly ranked because of its artistic characteristics, its excellent contents spreading the social breath. It’s possible to say that Modern Times is a perfect film in Charlie Chaplin’s career.

  • Documentary: How Charlie Chaplin made Modern Times

By Vu Thuy
Translated into English Anh Dung