Higher Quality To Better Meet Demand

Quality is the top priority of any educational institution. During its 22 years of development, Hoa Sen University has always focused on enhancing training quality to better serve human resources demand.

Founded in 1991, Hoa Sen has gained outstanding achievements in the past 22 years, gradually building up its reputation as a leading training institution in Vietnam. The university has continuously expanded its operation scale and training facilities.

Hoa Sen University now has one headquarters and four campuses equipped with modern, quality facilities to ensure the best learning conditions for students. Notably, in 2013, the university inaugurated its headquarters at 8 Nguyen Van Trang Street in HCMC’s District 1, marking a milestone in its 22-year history. Located in the downtown area, the 10-story school building of international standards covers 12,000 square meters with two underground parking lots and technical systems.

The newly-built headquarters of Hoa Sen University on Nguyen Van Trang Street in HCMC’s District 1

International training programs

In order to meet higher social demands for education, Hoa Sen University offers diverse trainingopportunities, Including 21 bachelor’s and 8 associate’s degree programs. Besides, Hoa Sen is one of the pioneers in offering high-quality vocational training courses and programs under collaboration with international partners. At Hoa Sen University, in addition to Vietnamese- programs in conformity with national requirements, students are encouraged to attend English-medium courses and to spend semesters abroad in exchange programs. Furthermore, students can enrol in cultural and communication courses such as inter-cultural communication or British-American culture. The university usually organizes seminars on various fields, from current affairs to sciences and education with the participation of international lecturers. These activities help students improve their knowledge about culture and global issues as well as help them develop skills in the global integration.

Hoa Sen University students practice in a laboratory

The outstanding difference in training at Hoa Sen University is that every student must finish two internships: Work-awareness Internship and Graduation Internship that help students gain practical experience. The ratio of graduates who do appropriate jobs is 90% every year, testifying to the fact that the university’s training philosophy is adhered to practical demands. As a side note, this is Hoa Sen University’s ratio of students already securing jobs before graduation.

Over the past 22 years, Hoa Sen University has provided a large high-quality workforce which suits demands of employers. Remarkably, the university’s scholarship program has helped numerous disadvantaged students who have great efforts in studying. The university hands out VND6-7 billion worth of scholarships to students every year. The scholarship program forms part of Hoa Sen’s educational philosophy – that is student-centered – and for the sake of a generation eager for gaining knowledge, overcoming difficulties and integrating into the international environment.

Educational integration

The Prime Minister late last year approved the scheme for international integration with respect to education and vocational training by 2020. It aims to develop some institutions of higher education and vocational training institutions of regional and international standards; to renovate education and vocational training programs to come closer to advanced educations of other countries and to plan the recognition, conversions of qualifications among Vietnam and ASEAN countries, and then the rest of the world.
With its constant efforts to enhance training quality and facilities, Hoa Sen University has gradually raised its voice in Vietnam’s education. It has also actively integrated into the international education, provided high-quality workforce for the market and partly contributed to socio-economic development.


By Huu Tri