Cultural Differences

What are the main cultural differences you notice between those areas in the west and in Vietnam? In terms of habits, people, dress, customs.etc. , the faculty of Polytechnic organized a seminar called “Cultural Differences” held by Dr Traiger Cheryl from 5:00-7:00 pm on 30-3-2013 at Tan Vien Campus. 

More than 50 students attended the seminar to learn more about universal culture, including having rules to regulate sexual behaviors, distinguish between the good and bad behavior, making jokes, art… We, in the same culture, can all understand each other because we share the same linguistic code. By understanding it, we can interpret the meaning of other’s action. However, do not be too self-confident because sometimes we still can interpret in a wrong way which leads us to big trouble

People in the West tend to be individualistic since each one considers personal achievement at the expense of group goals, resulting in a strong sense of competition while people in Asia follow collectivism where they can share and support their families as well as their communities. People in Vietnam have a tendency to live with their big families from the time they are born to the time they get married. As the whole world is experiencing the economic crisis, people in the west now are returning to their parents’ homes because of their financial problem, too. This was the main idea of the articles shared among each other. About fashion, in Vietnam, women who are considered poor, do not have much money, and middleaged, according to some students in the seminar, usually wear pajamas on the streets; however it will become the latest fashion trend in New York, a famous city for fashion, interestingly

For more activities, the students also had a chance to practice speaking when they discussed dinner party rules in Vietnam in groups. They should have been more active and confident to benefit themselves in such occasions. Overall, the seminar was a great opportunity for both the speaker and the audience to get to know each other ’s culture. Hopefully, there will be more seminars like this for students to enjoy outside the classroom activities and to get more sociable and the life experience as well. 



Thanh The
Lecturer of Hoa Sen University

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