Vietnam Engineering Education Conference: "Transforming Boundaries through Innovation and Partnerships"

The Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP) and host campus Can Tho University invites participation in the first annual: Vietnam Engineering Education Conference "Transforming Boundaries through Innovation and Partnerships", March 19-20th at Can Tho University. 

Through a grant sponsored by Danaher Corporation (Keithley, Fluke, Tektronix), the HEEAP Alliance will host the first annual Vietnam conference on Engineering Education. This will be a national and Southeast Asia regional event to bring government-academic-industry leaders and faculty together to share best practices, create an annual event to bring the engineering education community together to network and share ideas, and continue the dialogue on engineering education transformation.

Plenary sessions will take place each morning and technical breakout sessions in the afternoon. Presentations by faculty, deans, industry leaders, and government officials will highlight ideas and best practices for building sustainable higher education systems, assessment methods for engineering education, and leveraging online and lecture capture in instructional innovation.

The conference will feature a "Technology Avenue" with exhibits from various vendors specializing in modern engineering simulations software, design tools, learning management systems, and robotics labs for students.

We would like to invite presentation abstracts and papers be submitted for the conference by February 15th. Please submit your abstract online at: heeap.org/conference


Nguyen Chi Ngon, Ph.D.
Dean of the College of Engineering Technology
Can Tho University
Phone: +84 7103 872 149
Hoa Nguyen, Ph.D.
HEEAP Country Manager, Vietnam
Phone: 0908.255.027
Katie Caufield
HEEAP Program Manager
Phone: 480.965.7848

Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program

In 2010 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Intel Corporation, and Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (ASU), joined forces to establish the Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP). This partnership of industry, government, and academia collaborates with top technical universities and vocational colleges in Vietnam to transform engineering education from passive, theory-based instruction to active, project-based instruction. Additional alliance partners Siemens, Danaher, and Cadence have provided software, hardware and additional co-investments for faculty scholarships.

The HEEAP Program focuses on the development and advancement of interdisciplinary and applied engineering and vocational curriculum through instructional innovation and higher education transformation across the university enterprise. Our approach is to develop a consortia of academic, government and industry partners focused on the development and graduation of "work ready" students from Vietnamese Universities and Vocational Colleges. At the same time, we collaborate with government and university leadership in Vietnam to transform higher education through leadership development and collaborations.

For more information on HEEAP, please visit: http://heeap.org